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Green Day

Green Day Donates $2,000 To Help Pay For Damages Done To Denny’s After Punk Rock Show

After a punk rock band caused nearly $2,000 worth of damages to a California Denny’s following an impromptu show, Green Day donated some extra cash to help them out.
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Holiday Road trip

Tennessee Transportation Dept. Quotes Christmas Vacation To Warn Distracted Drivers

The Tennessee highway patrol posted a photo of their overhead signboards warning drivers not to use their phones.
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Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman & Russell Crowe Booked Airline Seats Next To Each Other By Accident

While trying to get back to Australia for the Holidays actor Russell Crowe ending up being seat buddies with friend and actress Nicole Kidman.
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Craig Ferguson

Comedian Craig Ferguson Says He Refused To Make Fun Of Brittany Spears’

In a recent interview comedian, Craig Ferguson discussed why he wouldn’t make fun of Brittany Spears after her 2007 meltdown.
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Taylor Swift At Cats Premiere

A Less Creepy Version Of The New Movie ‘Cats’ Will Be Released In Theaters

Universal Studios sent out a memo to movie theaters letting them know a new version of ‘Cats’ will be released.
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Tom Cruise

Watch How Those Insane Jet Fighter Stunts Were Pulled Off In The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer

A behind the scenes clip from ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ shows that the cast was put inside the cockpit of a real jet fighter in order to get certain shots.
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Doorbell Camera

Homeowner Catches Man Pooping All Over His Porch Thanks To Doorbell Camera

A homeowner received a notification from his doorbell camera about activity on his front porch.
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Wax Figurine of Luke Skywalker

Man Named Luke Skywalker Busted For Possession Of Marijuana In Texas

A man named Luke Aaron Skywalker Sexton was arrested near San Antonio for possession of marijuana.
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Rocky Balboa Statue

Sylvester Stallone Surprised Students & Parents Visiting The Rocky Statue

A group of students were in for a treat when actor Sylvester Stallone came up to them while they were visiting the Rocky Balboa Statue in Philadelphia.
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Herman Boone

‘Remember The Titans’ Coach Herman Boone Passes Away

It was announced on Wednesday that legendary high school football coach Herman Boone had passed away at the age of 84.
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