Fans React As Sylvester Stallone Reveals Full Head Of Grey Hair

Sylvester Stallone may still be an action star at 73 years old, but the actor is finally embracing one aspect of old age; his hair. Stallone took to social media recently to reveal his new look, featuring a full head of grey hair. In The video, the actor tells his fans to “keep punching.”
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Postal Worker Rents Storage Unit To Hide Mail After Feeling “Pressure” To Deliver On Time

A United States postal worker was recently caught with a storage unit full of undelivered mail. While this sounds like a situation straight out of an episode of ‘Seinfeld,’ for this man it is no laughing matter.
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Pizza Hut Is Offering Money And Prizes To Parents Of First Twins Born During Super Bowl

Usually having twins means more money spent for parents, but this year having twins during the Super Bowl could end with a nice Oy out for the parents. Pizza Hut is offering money and Super Bowl tickets to the first twins born after kickoff of this year’ game.
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Man Buys Super Bowl Commercial To Thank Vet School That Saved His Dog

When it comes to dog owners, none want to think about losing their beloved pet. That’s why when his dog’s life was saved by the team at the University of Wisconsin at Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, one man wanted to do something special for them.
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Six-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral For Hilarious Shirley Temple Review Videos

It seems these days, people can get famous by doing just about anything. However, when six-year-old Leo Kelly went viral for posting videos reviewing Shirley Temples, even his own family was in shock.
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PETA Says We Are Most Likely Walking Our Dog The Wrong Way

For most dog owners, all they want to do is keep their pet happy. One way to keep a dog happy is with consistent walks, but according to PETA most people are probably doing that wrong. According to PETA founder and President, Ingrid Newkirk, most dog owners are being too distant for their dogs...
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Map Reveals Each States Most Searched Super Bowl Snack

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, many are trying to figure out the perfect snack to provide their watch party. While plenty of people will stick to chicken wings for the big game, some are trying for a little variety this year.
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Pregnant Mother Goes Viral After Bringing Nerf Gun To Hospital To Keep Husband Awake

The birth of a child can be a very stressful time for parents, especially the mother. That’s why one soon to be mom decided to bring something with her to make sure her husband stayed awake throughout the birth.
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A Dog And A Goat Are Running For Mayor In Vermont Town

While the country obsesses over the 2020 election, one town in Vermont has a different political race on their mind. In March, the town of Fair Haven, Vermont will be voting on a new mayor, and their choice is between a goat and a dog.
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Vegetarian Food Company Teamed Up With Oxford Professor To Develop Nicotine-Like “Meat Patch”

As plant based diets, and meatless food alternatives become more popular, many meat lovers are looking for a way to give up their carnivorous ways. Luckily, an Irish vegetarian frozen food brand, Strong Roots, has teamed up with an Oxford professor to develop a “meat patch.”
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