You’ve Still Got Time To Vote Pat Benatar, Depeche Mode & More In To The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame is giving fans a voice this year. Don’t forget, you still have a chance to cast a vote for your favorite Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees. To cast a ballot click here. Voting will continue through January 10th, 2020.
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Reynolds Wrap Wants You To Coat Your Thanksgiving Turkey In Mac And Cheese This Year

When it comes to thanksgiving, most people don’t want to break tradition. However, if this is the year to change it up, Reynolds Wrap wants to help. The foil company released their latest in strange thanksgiving themed recipes, and this year’s recipe has caught many off guard.
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[Video] Corgi Shocks The Internet By Having No Reaction To Vacuum While Napping

Anyone who has a dog knows the vacuum cleaner will forever be their enemy. While normal vacuums often cause problems for dogs, the robotic vacuum cleaners put fear in just about any dog.
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Jared Padalecki Makes Fun Of His Recent Arrest With Mugshot Shirt

Sometimes the best way to get past an embarrassing situation is to embrace it. That’s what ‘Supernatural’ star Jared Padalecki did recently after he was arrested for Public Intoxication in October.
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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade May Be Without Their Iconic Balloons This Year Due To Weather

Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and as people across the country gear up for their favorite traditions, many will be starting their day by watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
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Photo Credit: Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/TNS/Sipa USA

LeBron James Shuts Down Fans In OKC With A Huge Fart

Guess it was his way of saying "no" to an autograph.
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Video Shows Driver's Dramatic Rescue From Burning Car

A lit cigarette may have ignited leaking gas cans.
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Iconic Character Actor Michael J. Pollard Dead At 80

"Bonnie and Clyde" and "Scrooged" were a couple of his big films.
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Will Ferrell Says SNL’s Cowbell Sketch “Ruined” Christopher Walken’s Life

One of the most beloved Saturday Night Live sketches of all time features Christopher Walken freaking out over an oddly dressed Will Ferrell playing the cowbell. While the “more cowbell” sketch is one of the most iconic moments from SNL’s history, and has become synonymous with Walken’s career,...
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[Video] Dinosaur Prank Has People Falling Over In Fear While In Public

The internet is full of people making prank videos, but more often than not the videos feature a lot of yelling and possible broken laws. However, one recent prank video may be the greatest to date.
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