Forest Fire, Trees

Campers Start 500-Acre Forest Fire After Trying To Burn Their Poop In A Hole

Last Tuesday, crews were dispatched to the Voltaire Canyon, just north of Carson City, Nevada, to handle a fire that was rapidly spreading.
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Man, Uber, Arms, Ride Share, App

Uber's New Technology Could Identify If You Are Drunk, And Refuse To Pick You Up

Uber has provided a great service for those that want to go out and enjoy the night and responsibly find a way back home. However, that all could change with a recent patent filing made by the ride sharing company.
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Chris Pine With Gal Gadot

Chris Pine Spotted On Set Of Wonder Woman 1984 Sporting A Fanny Pack

Video from the set of Wonder Woman 1984 shows that Chris Pine is back!
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Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson, Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner, Hannibal Burress, Tag, Movie, Premier

Jack FM Interviews The Cast of "TAG"

Jack Fm's Billy Kidd sat down with the cast of TAG to discuss the new movie hitting theaters THIS WEEKEND!
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Rick Springfield, Concert, Singing, Guitar

Jack's Nine @ 9, June 14, 1981

Thursday, June 14
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Male Foot, Wooden Floor

Man Serves Friends Tacos Made From Amputated Foot

A 38-year-old Reddit user was riding his motorcycle a few years back when he got in a terrible accident. His foot was shattered, and he would never be able to walk on it again.
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David Spade

David Spade Donates $100,000 To National Alliance On Mental Illness In Honor Of Sister-In-Law, Kate

In the wake of his sister-in-law's suicide, David Spade made a hefty donation to help those affected by mental illness.
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Teen, Water Park, Swimming, Floaty

25,000 Square Foot Inflatable Water Park Opens On Grapevine Lake

Your kids will never again complain about not doing anything fun over the summer.
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3D Printer

Someone Finally 3D Printed A Liveable, Functional House

The technology has been here for years, and while several concepts have been created, nobody has yet been able to 3D print a home suitable for habitation. That is, until now! Project Milestone is a campaign out of the Dutch city of Eindhoven which hopes to print FIVE 3D printed structures of...
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Caps, Gowns, Graduation, Speech, Speaker

Mostly Non-Verbal Teen With Autism Gives Incredible Speech At Plano Senior High School Graduation

Mostly Non-Verbal Teen With Autism Gives Incredible Speech At Plano Senior High School Graduation
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