JT & The JACK FM Street Team at Market Street Mansfield Grand Opening

Join JT Springer and the 100.3 JACK FM Street Team for the grand opening event at Market Street in Mansfield, TX! Come out for great prizes, music, and in-store specials!
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Black Eyed Peas, Concert, Taboo, Apl.de.Ap, Fergie, Will.i.am

Jack's Nine @ 9, Party Number Ones

Friday, May 25
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Cat, Face, Feline, Whiskers

Terrified Cat Clings Onto Van Going 60 MPH On The Highway (Video)

Ronda Rankin was riding with her family in Omaha, Nebraska last Friday night when her daughter noticed something strange about a vehicle next to them on the highway. From the backseat, her daughter said, "That's a cat."
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Sausage, Beer

Health Experts Warn NO Amount Of Alcohol, Sausage, Or Bacon Is Safe For Consumption

As you're gearing up for an eventful Memorial Day weekend, health experts want to make sure you avoid consuming any sort of alcohol, sausage, or bacon. Easy, right?
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Silicon, Implants

Man Becomes Millionaire After Developing Fake Testicles For Neutered Dogs

For 12 years, Gregg Miller operated a candy business called SweetTube.
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Rivers Cuomo, Music, Guitar, Weezer

Weezer Troll Fans Wanting A Cover Of Toto's "Africa" By Covering "Rosanna" Instead

For a better part of a year, the Twitter account @WeezerAfrica has had one goal, to get the band to cover the song "Toto" by Africa.
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Amazon, Alexa

Amazon Alexa Reportedly Records Family's Private Conversation And Sends It To Random Contact

Uh oh. Bad news for everyone with an Amazon Alexa device.
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Cockroach, Facing Away

Cockroach Milk Is The Latest Superfood Trend

We only threw up just a little bit reading this story.
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Workday Jack Attack

The Workday Jack Attack 5.24.18

JT surprised Chad Summers at Lincoln Property Company.!
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Kings of Leon, Concert, Caleb Followill, Nathan Followill

Jack's Nine @ 9, Brother's Day

Thursday, May 24
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