Planet Fitness, Gym, Equipment

Man Arrested After Doing Yoga Naked At Planet Fitness

34-year-old Eric M. Stagno was just a tiny bit confused about what Planet Fitness meant by "judgement free zone."
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Woman, Dog, Cuddling

Study Finds Women Would Rather Spend Time With Their Dog Than Significant Other

In a study that's a shock to absolutely no one, dog owners apparently love their dogs more than other humans, even their significant others.
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Airplane, Airport, Take Off

Man Gets Prison Time For Calling In Bomb Threat So He Wouldn't Miss His Flight

A flight from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to Dallas was delayed a few hours after airport officials received a call about a potential bomb threat.
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Paul McCartney, Smiling, Talking

49 Years Later, Paul McCartney Walks Across Abbey Road Again

Ahead of the 49th anniversary of the iconic album "Abbey Road," Paul McCartney decided to go for a familiar walk.
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Fast Food, Salad, Plastic Fork

McDonald's Issues Warning After Finding Poop In Their Salads!

Across 10 different states, over 163 people have fallen ill due to fecal matter in their McDonald's salads. It's not just mild cases, either.
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Florida Beaches Closed After Two Injured In Shark Attacks

A 17-year-old boy and 30-year-old man were injured.
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Artist Reimagines Famous Love Songs As Freaky Paperback Book Covers

Of course "Every Breath You Take" is one of them!
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2 Rescue Seals Make Their Texas Debut

Two injured seals have fully recovered and will make Texas their new home.
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The Last Two Blockbusters In Alaska Will Close Down This Weekend

This week it was announced that the last two Blockbusters in Alaska will shut down after this weekend.
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Richard Simmons

Jack's Nine @ 9, July 12, Happy Birthday Richard Simmons

Thursday, July12th
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