Emotional Support Mini Horse Spotted On Recent Flight To DFW

By now, people are used to seeing the occasional dog on an airplane as a service animal, but seeing a mini horse on a plane may be taking things too far. A Michigan woman has gone viral after sharing photos of her and her mini horse on a recent flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
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SpaceX To Send Four Space Tourists Around Earth For Five Days

For most people, space travel in their life time is just a dream, but for four lucky people that dream may soon become a reality. It was announced this week that SpaceX has teamed up with Space Adventures to send for privately-paying space tourists to space.
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DFW Bar Had Been Turned Into A Star Wars Themed Pop Up

It seems every week a new pop culture themed pop up bar comes to DFW, but the latest one has people very excited. Over the weekend, Uptown bar Ill Minster Pub transformed into a ‘Star Wars’ themed pop up.
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[Video] Dog Goes Viral For Knowing How To Play Connect 4

Every dog owner likes to show off the tricks they trained their dogs to do with ease, but after seeing this they probably won’t be bragging about their pet’s abilities any time soon. A dog in Toronto has gone viral for its ability to play the classic Hasbro game, Connect 4.
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Potential ‘Community’ Movie Teased By Allison Brie

With all the reboots of classic television series happening lately, it seems shows are no longer ending their run with a movie. In the past, heading to the big screen was the best way for classic show’s to end their run.
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[Video] Dog Runs On Soccer Field Momentarily Stopping Game In Most Adorable Way

When a fan runs on to the field during a sporting event, the game is stopped for safety, but when a dog manages to get on the field the game is stopped because it’s too adorable to keep playing.
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The Viral Dancer Who Fell Off Pole Now Says She Wants To Start A New Career As A Food Critic

Viral fame is nice, but most of the time it doesn’t last. Those that manage to stick around are the ones who turn that viral fame into another opportunity. That’s exactly what one exotic dancer is doing, after going viral for falling 15 feet off a pole, and continuing to dance.
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‘Seinfeld’ Jokes Are Flying After It’s Reported Moviefone Is Bankrupt And Being Run By One Employee

As technology improves, certain products that were once thriving become obsolete. While most go away without much notice, some try and hold on as long as they can, even when no one knows it.
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Social Media Influencer Tricks Her Followers With Fake Bali Vacation Photos Taken At IKEA

Showing off a trip to Bali is enough to make anyone jealous, but for many it’s a little out of their price range. Luckily for one social media influencer, she’s learned a few tricks in how to “fake it until you make it.”
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[Video] Deer Runs Through Indiana Grocery Store And Jumps Over Meat Counter

Any time a wild animal gets inside a building, chaos is inevitable. That’s exactly what happened over the weekend when a deer somehow made it inside an Indiana Kroger and began to run wild through the store.
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