KFC Announces Nationwide Release Of Their Viral Fried Chicken And Doughnut Sandwich

Just when everyone thought the chicken sandwich wars were ending, KFC decided to start things back up. The fast food chain announced this week that their viral fried-chicken-and-doughnut sandwich will be added to menus nationwide.
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[Video] Woman Relaxes By Taking A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Bath

There are many different way people choose to relax. Some may take a nice warm bath, while others may indulge in snack foods. Then there are people who combine the two, taking baths filled with their favorite snack.
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A-Ha’s ‘Take On Me’ Becomes Latest 80's Video To Hit 1 Billion Views On YouTube

For all the viral videos YouTube has to offer, people still keep going back to the classics for their viewing pleasure. It was announced this week that a second music video form the 1980’s has reached the 1 billion views milestone.
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Tiffany Haddish Reveals Her And Brad Pitt Made A Hook Up Pact

Celebrity hookups are always interesting, especially when the couplings are unexpected. For every Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, there’s a Pamela Anderson and John Peters.
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Oreo Teams Up With Streetwear Brand Supreme For Limited Edition Cookie

Streetwear brand Supreme is known by many for the odd and pricey attention grabbing collaborations. The clothing company has released many branded products from zip lock bags to multi tools, but their latest collaboration may be their biggest one yet.
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Jenna Fischer Reveals What Was Written On The Note Jim Gave Pam In The Final Season Of ‘The Office’

Since the show ended in 2013, fans of ‘The Office’ have received answers to most of their unanswered questions from the series. However, there has been one question on everyone’s mind that to this point had gone unresolved; what was written on the note Jim gave Pam.
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United Airlines Announces They Are Removing The Popular Biscoff Cookies From Flights

There are plenty of things to complain about when it comes to air travel, but usually in flight snacks isn’t one of them. For the most part, the cookies, pretzels and drinks offered by most airlines are enjoyed by many, but now United Airlines is putting an end to that.
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Emotional Support Mini Horse Spotted On Recent Flight To DFW

By now, people are used to seeing the occasional dog on an airplane as a service animal, but seeing a mini horse on a plane may be taking things too far. A Michigan woman has gone viral after sharing photos of her and her mini horse on a recent flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
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SpaceX To Send Four Space Tourists Around Earth For Five Days

For most people, space travel in their life time is just a dream, but for four lucky people that dream may soon become a reality. It was announced this week that SpaceX has teamed up with Space Adventures to send for privately-paying space tourists to space.
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DFW Bar Had Been Turned Into A Star Wars Themed Pop Up

It seems every week a new pop culture themed pop up bar comes to DFW, but the latest one has people very excited. Over the weekend, Uptown bar Ill Minster Pub transformed into a ‘Star Wars’ themed pop up.
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