Pancake Boards Are The Internet’s Newest Brunch Obsession

Whether its avocado toast or bottomless mimosas, brunch is consistently providing eaters with their latest food obsessions. Now, the internet has decided on their latest food passion; pancake boards.
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Chris Evans And Scarlett Johansson Are In Talks For A ‘Little Shop Of Horrors” Reboot

Marvel stars, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, are currently in talks to return to the big screen together, but not in the role you may be expecting. It has been reported that both Evans and Johansson may star in the remake of the 1986 classic ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’
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College Students Craving Chick-fil-A Buy Plane Ticket To Get To Nearest Location

Almost everyone knows the feeling of craving Chick-fil-A only to realize its Sunday and they are closed. However, imagine if you lived in a location where the nearest Chick-fil-A is 90 minutes away.
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Dog Shows Up To Texas Police Station To Report Itself Missing

A missing dog can be terrifying for their owners, but luckily for one family in Texas, their dog solved the lost dog case all by itself. Police in Odessa were shocked recently when a dog strolled into their station, and hopped up on the counter to report a missing dog.
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[Video] Weatherman Gives Snow Report Without Realizing He Left A Funny Faces Filter On Camera

Technology has improved almost every single industry, but sometimes the biggest screw ups are due to these improvements. The latest example of this comes from a weatherman in North Carolina who accidentally activated a camera filter leading to the embarrassing on air moment.
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Katy Perry Collapses On ‘American Idol’ Thanks To Gas Leak

Katy Perry has had plenty of viral moments since becoming one of the hosts of ‘American Idol,’ but her most recent example was a bit scarier than the rest. On Sunday’s episode of the singing competition show, a gas leak in the building led to an evacuation during auditions.
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MLB Pitcher Admits To Competing In Rodeo Competitions Under Alias

Most professional athletes have language in their contracts preventing them from competition in other sports. Due to injury risk, many athletes have to give up hobby and passions in other fields in order to compete at the highest level.
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Lucasfilm is Developing A New Star Wars Film, And It May Be Released On Disney+ Instead Of Theaters

The Skywalker Saga may be over, but luckily for ‘Star Wars’ fans, there’s plenty more content from Lucasfilm to come. It had been rumored since the release of the ‘The Rise Of Skywalker,’ that three more future films were being discussed.
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Parrot Saves Family By Shouting “Fire” After Kitchen Goes Up In Flames

A family in Tennessee was saved from catastrophe after their beloved pet parrot alerted them to a fire in their home. According to reports, the family was sleeping when a fire broke out in their kitchen.
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Hasbro Announces The Return Of Three Retro Super Soakers For The Spring

Picking a favorite childhood toy can be difficult for some, but for many the choice is very simple; Super Soakers. The beloved water guns, invented by a NASA engineer in 1982, have been a spring and summertime staple for decades.
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