‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Reveals First Look At New Batmobile

Matt Reeves is doing whatever he can to get fans excited for his upcoming Batman reboot. After giving fans a sneak peek at Robert Pattinson in the Batman suit last month, Reeves is back to give fans the first look at the new Batmobile.
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Fans Of ‘The Office’ Can Make $1,000 By Watching 15 Hours Of The Show

When times are tough, people often look for quick and easy ways to make money. While usually these types of jobs don’t exist, now there’s a company offering up money for a task that would please any fan of ‘The Office.’
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Woman Waters House Plant For Two Years Without Realizing Its Made Of Plastic

House plants are a great look for a home, but they can also be a huge responsibility. Most plants need frequent care and watering, which is why many have turned to fake plants to fill their home.
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Woman Receives $226 Worth Of Domino’s After Boyfriend Drunkenly Ordered On Way Home

Anyone who has experience a night of too much alcohol has most likely dealt with waking up the next morning to a difficult spending realization. Luckily, for one man in England, his drunken purchase ended in enough food to last days.
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DFW To Get A New Area Code As Population Continues To Grow

Many people use their city’s area code to show pride in their hometown. For DFW, this can be a bit confusing with three different area codes circulating throughout the metroplex. Well, things are about to get even more confusing as thanks to growing population, a new area code is coming in 2021.
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Steve Wozniak Seems To Believe Him And His Wife Were “Patient Zero” For Coronavirus In United States

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, many have begun to take precautions to prevent catching the virus. One person people may want to avoid is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The tech icon recently claimed to believe he and his wife may have been “patient zero” for the Coronavirus in the United...
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Man Brought A Tuxedo Wearing Llama To His Sister’s Wedding

Playing practical jokes on your siblings is always entertaining, but the one day to keep things civil has to be on their wedding day. Still, that didn’t stop one Ohio man, who after making an absurd promise to his sister five years ago, fulfilled that promise on her wedding day.
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Adorable Photo Of A Three Year Old Boy And His Dog Standing In Timeout Together Goes Viral

Even at their worst, a dog will always stand by its owner’s side. That was proven recently when a photo of a three year old boy in timeout with his dog went viral. As the boy stood with his face against the wall, his dog went and stood by his side to keep him company.
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NASA Is Accepting Applications For New Astronauts For The First Time Since 2015

Just about every kid dreams or one day becoming an astronaut. Luckily, for some that dream may one day become a reality as NASA has begun accepting applications for astronauts once again.
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Chef Breaks Record For Cheesiest Pizza Using 257 Different Cheeses

Seeing a slice of pizza lifted up with the cheese stretched out is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. For cheese lovers, pizza is the ultimate meal, and now there is a new world’s cheesiest pizza for them to dream about.
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