Man’s Custom Batmobile Gets Impounded By Russian Police

Police in Russia impounded a replica of the Batmobile that was parked on the side of a busy street.
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Gender Reveal Party

Texas Couple Throws A Whataburger Themed Gender Reveal Party

A couple from Texas announced the gender of their child in the most Texan way possible.
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81 Year Old Man In DFW Goes Viral For Hilariously Simple Cooking Tutorials

Thanks to social media, there are now way too many people sharing their own cooking tutorial videos. However, after seeing the most recent viral example of this, everyone else should stop immediately. An 81 year old man in Texas has gone viral thanks to his hilariously simple cooking tutorial...
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Dallas Skyline

Leaning Tower Could Remain For Several Weeks, Ad Company Takes Advantage Of Fame

Dallas ad agency The Richards Group projected an ad on the side of the tower saying: "Have Better Luck With Us" promoting Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma.
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Video: Fort Worth Police Officers Show Everyone How To Demolish A Building

The Fort Worth Police Department made a video showing the city of Dallas how you’re supposed to demolish a building.
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[Video] Dog At Texas Starbucks Gets Way Too Excited Waiting For Puppuccino In Drive Thru

No one likes waiting in a drive thru line, especially when it’s for their morning coffee. However, no reaction to finally getting their Starbucks can top that of this dog in Texas. In the now viral video, the dog can be seen jumping out of the car window, trying to get their Starbucks Puppuccino.
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Michael Scott Goes to Elementary School In New ‘The Office’ Children’s Book

‘The Office’ has been off the air since 2013, but has seen resurgence in popularity over the last few years thanks to Netflix. Now, the hit series is looking to gain a new generation of viewers with its latest idea based around the show.
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[Video] Mother Can’t Help But Laugh After Realizing She Drove To School Without Her Kids

Being a mom comes with plenty of struggles, but being able to laugh at mistakes makes things go a lot smoother. At least that was the case for one mother who has gone viral after driving to drop her kids off at school, but forgetting them at home.
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‘The Bachelor’ Announces New Spin Off Featuring Seniors Looking For Love

Bachelor nation is about to get a little bit bigger, and a lot older. It was announced during Monday’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’ that a new spin off will begin casting, and they are searching for “seniors looking for love." The network put out a casting call for people 65 and over.
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Silverback Gorillas

Michael Buble Gave A Private Performance To Silverback Gorillas

Michael Buble flew out to Australia to give three silverback gorillas a private show.
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