Sugar Packets

Kid Smuggles Sugar Packets From Restaurant Inside A Breadstick

A kid smuggled five packets of sugar from a restaurant by hiding them in a very unexpected place.
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Awesome Cat Owners Leave "Child Support" On The Front Porch After Their Cat Knocks Up The Neighbor's Cat

A deadbeat dad cat is just not acceptable.
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Lego Batmobile

Batman Got Pulled Over By Police In Canada

Police in Ontario, Canada pulled over a local Batman and his Batmobile.
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Kid In A Green Shirt

School Uses A Green Screen For Picture Day After A Mom Sent Her Son In A Green Shirt

Mom sent her son to school in a green shirt for picture day, photos turn out hilarious.
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best yelp review ever

This Is The Greatest Yelp Review EVER!!

Look, we've all been there. You move a certain way, you bend over, you laugh a little too hard and out slips a toot.
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Classroom Bulletin Board

Awesome Teacher Creates A Classroom Bulletin Board Featuring New Kiki Challenge Lyrics, Includes Reading & Writing

Thanks to Drake, this summer has been all about the Kiki Challenge. We've seen numerous videos of people getting out of their moving vehicles to do the dance.
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We've Found A Whataburger Imposter, It's Called Thatsaburger

Sadly, the people of New Mexico have very limited access to Whataburger.
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Grandma in a Wheelchair

Grandma Rides In The Back Of A Pick Up In Her Wheelchair

Footage was taken of a woman riding in the back of a pickup truck while in a wheelchair.
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Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer

Angela From The Office Gets On To Her Nephew For Using Her Picture On Tinder

Angela Kinsey got word that her 25-year-old nephew was using a picture of the two of them on his Tinder account and wasn't having it.
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Would You Eat A Pie That Looks Like A Bloody Face?

Dear Lord in Heaven! Leatherface has been baking!
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