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Can Today's Kids Survive A 1980s Summer Day?

Eating watermelon with SEEDS? Drinking from a HOSE?
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How Do You Pronounce Crayon?

We have a new internet controversy!
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TX Dot say Don't Do Keke Challenge

Even TxDOT Doesn't Want You To Do The Keke Challenge

Has anyone else noticed that TxDOT has upped their sign game?
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Golden Retriever

Dog Was Scared To Cross A Bridge, So Owners Carried Him Like A Baby

A family had to cross a rickety bridge while hiking with their golden retriever, didn't know how big a scaredy cat he was.
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Dog With A Medal

Stray Dog Completes Half Marathon In Record Time, Awarded Medal

A stray dog completed a half marathon alongside humans.
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Cardi B

Cardi B. Changed Her Nails From Pointy To Square So She Won't Hurt Her Baby

As any parent knows, becoming a mom or dad is a life changing event.
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Horse Wearing A Hat

Horse Walks Into A Bar Over The Weekend, Police Say It’s Perfectly Legal

Last weekend a cowboy and his horse surprised a crowd when they casually walked into a bar.
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Boxer Dog

Dog Goes Crazy With A Cheese Whiz Can While Its Owners Are Out And Has The Internet Laughing

You think your dog is bad??
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Driving by puddles

Jerky Driver Goes Out Of His Way To Splash Every Pedestrian With Nasty Puddle Water

Ever been tempted to purposefully drive through a puddle to splash a total stranger?
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Wedding Photo Catches Exact Moment Groom's Sister Hits The Floor

Here's something you don't see every day.
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