Ok Dads, It's Time To Take The Cheese Challenge!

Dads all over the world are taking part in the Cheese Challenge!
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Video: The Jonas Brothers Are Back! Official New Video For Song 'Sucker' Is Out Now

It's been a few years since Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas decided to go their separate ways and not share the spotlight.
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guy in a gorilla mask

Guy Broke Into A House While Wearing A Gorilla Suit

Police received reports of a person in an all black suit looking through windows in a Louisiana neighborhood.
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They Call It 'The Peppa Pig Effect,' American Kids Are Adopting British Accents After Watching The Popular Show

Listen up parents, though having your toddlers watch the popular children's cartoon show 'Peppa Pig' is certainly educational and quite harmless, there is something to watch out for, "The Peppa Pig Effect," or "The Peppa Pig Syndrome."
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Ground Stop Issued At DFW & Love Field

DFW and Love Field are both under a ground stop Wednesday afternoon.
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Wanna Get Intimate With Your Significant Other? There's A Button For That!

Do we really need a button for sex? Uhhh, that's what emojis are for!
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El Arroyo In Austin Celebrates Valentine's Day With Another Epic Road Sign

El Arroyo's sign game is on point!
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Disney Releases 'Frozen 2' Trailer

Ok parents...are you ready to hear "Let It Go" thousands of times again?
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Police Get A Call About Two Elderly Women Starting A Brawl At Bingo

Two elderly women started to dispute over a seat while during a game of Bingo.
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Albert Finney

"Big Fish" & "Erin Brockovich" Actor Albert Finney Passes Away

Finney’s family confirmed the actors passing on Friday morning.
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