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The First Trailer For John Turturro’s ‘Big Lebowski’ Sequel Is Finally Here

22 years after the debut of ‘The Big Lebowski’ the first look at the film’s sequel is finally here. ‘The Jesus Rolls,’ directed by and starring John Turturro is expected to be released later this year, though no official date has been set.
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Shakira (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right) during the Super Bowl LIV halftime talent show press conference

JLo and Shakira’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Be Empowering And Heartfelt

Both women said they see their performance as an opportunity to convey a message of strength for the community the performance will also pay tribute to NBA star Kobe Bryant.
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Jerry Jones’ Yacht Makes All The Other Boats In Miami Look Tiny

Jerry Jones docked his massive yacht in Miami for the Super Bowl.
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Fans React As Sylvester Stallone Reveals Full Head Of Grey Hair

Sylvester Stallone may still be an action star at 73 years old, but the actor is finally embracing one aspect of old age; his hair. Stallone took to social media recently to reveal his new look, featuring a full head of grey hair. In The video, the actor tells his fans to “keep punching.”
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Lead guitarist Brian May of Queen

Brian May Designed A Guitar-Themed Sports Bra

Queen guitarist Brian May can now add bra designer to his list of achievements. Check out his new sports bra design.
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Bill Murray

Bill Murray Spotted Filming A Jeep Commercial At The Same Site From ‘Groundhog Day’

Actors Bill Murray and Stephen Tobolowsky were spotted filming on the site of their 1993 comedy ‘Groundhog Day’.
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Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood Says Lindsey Buckingham Will Not Be Joining Fleetwood Mac Anytime Soon

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone. Mick Fleetwood said Lindsey Buckingham will not be returning to Fleetwood Mac anytime soon.
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Danny Glover, Richard Donner and Mel Gibson

Lethal Weapon 5 Is Happening! Mel Gibson & Danny Glover Will Return

During a round table meeting producer Dan Lin confirmed that Lethal Weapon 5 is happening with the original cast and director Richard Donner.
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Sony Releases Surprise ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Documentary

Fans of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ we’re stunned on Sunday when Sony released a surprise documentary about the film. The 30 minute documentary gives fans a behind the scenes look at how the film was made.
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Jon Bon Jovi Joins Billy Joel For Surprise Performance At Madison Square Garden

Two rock icons teamed up on Saturday to give an epic performance those in attendance will surely remember. Jon Bon Jovi joined Billy Joel for a few songs during the singer’s monthly residency at Madison Square Garden.
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