Domino’s Unveils New $9,000 Diamond-Encrusted Pizza Slice Engagement Ring

When it comes to marriage proposals, people always think champagne, roses and decadence, but too often people ignore something everyone loves; pizza. Domino’s is hoping to change that as the pizza chain has unveiled a new diamond pizza slice engagement ring.
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'90s Kids

Dunkaroos Will Return To Grocery Stores This Summer

The General Mills snack from the ‘90s, ‘Dunkaroos’ are returning to grocery stores this summer.
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Dunkaroos Are Officially Making a Comeback

Calling all ‘90s kids! A favorite snack from the past is coming back to jazz up all of your packed lunches. People reports that General Mills announced Monday that Dunkaroos are making a comeback beginning this summer. “We’re thrilled to relaunch Dunkaroos in the U.S. after years of it only being...
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A Fan-Favorite Twix Flavor Is Returning Permanently

Longtime lovers of Twix may remember the fan-favorite flavor Cookies & Creme. The flavor is coming back after popular demand, having been discontinued in the past. The flavor replaces the classic caramel layer in original Twix with a soft, creme center with cookie bits throughout. Of course,...
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How to Get Free Wings By Watching the Super Bowl

Whether you are rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs, or Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at the Super Bowl, everyone can agree to come together over their mutual admiration for chicken wings. Buffalo Wild Wings is doubling down on the poultry love by offering fans across the...
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FDA Approves First Drug For Treatment Of Kids Peanut Allergy

The most common food allergy among children is peanut allergy.
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Surveillance Footage Captures Man Getting Run Over By Deer In Parking Lot

Spotting a deer in the woods is a beautiful sight to see, but when you see a deer charging towards you full speed, that beauty quickly turns into fear. A man in North Carolina has gone viral after surveillance footage captured the moment a deer came out of nowhere to run the man over.
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A Definitive Ranking of All the Girl Scout Cookies

Not all Girl Scout Cookies are created equal. Some, like Thin Mints, are pure heaven. Others -- cough, shortbread, cough -- leave something to be desired. Keep in mind, results may vary depending on where you live, since the Scouts employ two bakers who supply different cookies to different regions...
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New Cereal-Inspired Ice Creams Are Coming

Two new cereal-inspired ice cream flavors will have you counting down the days till summer. PEOPLE confirmed that General Mills and Nestle have partnered up to create a dessert that combines your favorite childhood cereals, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms, with ice cream for a treat that...
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Pizza Hut Is Offering Money And Prizes To Parents Of First Twins Born During Super Bowl

Usually having twins means more money spent for parents, but this year having twins during the Super Bowl could end with a nice Oy out for the parents. Pizza Hut is offering money and Super Bowl tickets to the first twins born after kickoff of this year’ game.
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