Kyle Texas Looking to Become the Pie Capital of Texas

Kyle Texas has been trying to establish itself as the pie capital of Texas
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Krispy Kreme Unveils Reese's Peanut Butter Egg Doughnut for Easter

The limited Easter doughnut is available now!
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McDonald's, Restaurant, Fast Food

Wrong Breakfast Sandwich Makes Woman Shove Teen McDonald's Employee Into Fryer (Video)

Apparently, they gave her sausage instead of bacon on her sandwich.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reveal Their Wedding Cake Choice

Looks like the royal couple will be deviating from a traditional cake.
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Pickle Juice Slushes Are Coming To A Sonic Near You

Like it or not, Pickle Juice Slushes are coming to a Sonic Drive-In near you.
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Spaghetti, Green, Noodles, Food, Pasta

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Skyline Chili's Green Spaghetti

Skyline Chili is a popular chain restaurant in Cincinnati and surrounding areas known for their signature dish, a nice heaping of spaghetti topped with chili.
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Cereal, Breakfast, Food

Family Accidentally Eats 21-Year-Old Cereal Purchased At Wal-Mart

Josiah and Andrea Carelse thought their Quaker Oats cereal tasted a bit funny. Video of Family buys a 21-year-old box of cereal
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100.3 Jack FM,Beer,Brewery,Candy,Peeps,Easter,Local,Fort Worth,DFW,Glitter

Fort Worth Brewery to Release a Peeps Candy Beer

The beer will also include edible glitter.
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100.3 Jack FM,Applebee's,Gift Card,Expired,Pick A Card Any Card,Restaurants,Other,Promotion,March,2018,Coupons,Gift Certificates,Food

Applebee's Is Taking Your Expired Gift Cards From Other Companies

Got some expired gift cards laying around, and looking for a half-price dinner? Applebee's has you covered.
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100.3 Jack FM,Hasta Muerte Coffee,Shop,Co-Op,Employee,Owned,Oakland,Policy,Police,Cops,Refused Service,Officer,Uniform,Instagram,Safety,Coustomers

This Coffee Shop Refuses To Serve To Police Officers

Hasta Muerte Coffee, an employee owned co-op located in Oakland, has already turned away officers in uniform.
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