Tortilla, Nacho, Chips

Tortilla Chips Spontaneously Combust Inside Texas Factory

In Texas, tortilla chips are serious business.
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Ice Cream Truck

Here’s Where You Can Get FREE Ice-Cream In DFW This Weekend

The North Texas Honda Dealers are giving away all sorts of frozen treats all weekend long.
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Colorful Ice cream

Blue Bell Has Released Another Fan Favorite Flavor

In honor of National Ice-cream Month, Blue Bell has brought back another favorite flavor to store shelves.
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Heart Shaped Pizza

Picture Goes Viral of Couples Pregnancy Announcement With A Pizza

The pizza shop had a special request put in and did not let their costumer down.
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Photo Credit: Dreamstime

Man Is Selling 6-Year-Old McDonald's Cheeseburger (With Fries) On eBay

What he has to say about it is even more shocking!
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Fudge Bar

Blue Bell Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite This Week

In Honor of Nation Ice-cream Month Blue Bell is bringing back The Fudge Bar.
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Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut Is The Reigning Champion Of The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition

Joey Chestnut has now won the for 11th time
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Miki Sudo, Michelle Lesco and Juliet Lee

Miki Sudo Is Still The Reigning Champion Of The Women’s Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

On July 4, we like to eat hotdogs and hamburgers to celebrate America, we also like to see others scarf down as many hot dogs as they can on national TV.
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Newlyweds Eating

There's A Page Dedicated To Couples Eating Whataburger After They Get Married

That after party for your wedding is probably going to happen at the Whataburger down the street from your hotel.
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Cheating Boyfriend

Jimmy Johns Agrees To Cater A Break Up Party After Busting A Cheating Boyfriend

A Jimmy Johns driver busted a cheating boyfriend after making a sandwich delivery.
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