Taco Bout a Deal: National Taco Day 2019 Freebies and Bargains

National Taco Day is here! Even though you probably need an antacid after all the pizza , burgers , coffee and guac you’ve been getting in the last few weeks, only a full-on nut would pass up an opportunity for a discount tac’. To get you ready for the holiday -- which is Oct. 4 -- we’ve compiled...
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Mom Goes Viral After Sharing Photo Of Insanely Organized Refrigerator

There is no better feeling then getting rid of clutter, especially in a refrigerator where chaos can lead to accidentally eating or drinking something expired. A mom in New York recently went viral after sharing a photo of her insanely organized fridge on social media.
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Whataburger Drive Thru

Arlington Art Museum To Display Massive Whataburger Mum

The Arlington Art Museum will have a ginormous Whataburger mum on display from October 3rd through the 19th.
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Applebee's sign

Applebee’s Has A New $1 Cocktail That Comes With Vampire Teeth

Applebee’s has revealed their new dollar beverage for the month of October and it comes with Vampire teeth.
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Hershey's and Yuengling Are Launching a Chocolate Beer

We may have finally found a more ambitious crossover than “Avengers: Infinity War.” Two of the most renowned brands in chocolate and beer are teaming up to bring consumers the ultimate thirst-quenching treat, chocolate beer. Hershey’s is taking their quintessential ingredients and blending it with...
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The Internet Is Not Happy With This ‘Favorite Movie Candy By State’ Map

Everyone has their favorite movie snack, but does the rest of your state enjoy the same treat? Based on a new map developed using research from social media, Walmart and Target, most likely they don’t
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Halloween Cake

Local Bakery Is Competing On Food Network's 'Halloween Wars'

Local bakery owner and design artist Haley Popp is currently competing on the Food Networks ‘Halloween Wars’.
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two burgers

California Based Fatburger Is Coming To Dallas

California based Fatburger announced that they plan on expanding their brand to Texas by opening 25 new restaurants across the state.
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“Labor Inducer” Burger Has Pregnant Women Heading To Minnesota Restaurant

Almost every burger place around the country has something their burgers are known for. In every state there’s a burger chain that claims to be the biggest, the best, or the craziest burger in town, but a new burger in Minnesota is attempting to stake a new claim.
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Here's How to Get a Big Mac for a Penny This Week

Forget your thoughts, how about a penny for two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun? You can almost have a free lunch because McDonald’s is giving away Big Macs all week for just one cent, according to Delish . A million @McDonalds Big Mac®...
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