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Whataburger Closes All Dining Rooms, Drive-Thru Will Remain Open

Whataburger will close all of their dining rooms, but will continue to serve costumers through their drive-thru windows.
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Food Delivery

Whataburger Provided Meals To Stressed Out H-E-B Employees

A Whataburger in New Braunfels took the time to prepare meals for the employees at a local H-E-B who have been working harder than ever.
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Taco Bell To Only Allow “Drive-Thru And Delivery Only” Due To Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus, many restaurants have begun taking precaution and implementing new rules to prevent the spread of the virus. Many popular chains have stepped up their efforts as well, including Taco Bell.
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[Video] Rat Spotted Carrying McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Down New York City Subway Steps

The New York City Subways have created many viral stars over the years. Whether it’s the interesting people that use the subway, or the rodents that are home to the underground train system, a new video appears quite often.
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Pizza Hut Teams Up With IKEA To Collaborate On New Product

Recently, a number of companies have teamed dup to collaboration a product for fans to obsess over. Whether it’s the Supreme Oreos or the PEEPS Crocs, fans quickly flock to buy up all the products shortly after they hit the market.
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Taco Bell Expands Breakfast Menu with Three New Toasted Burritos

Taco Bell is ready to serve you new breakfast items as the fast-food chain breakfast battles intesify. The chain is adding three new breakfast items starting Thursday. Learn more about the new menu items now.
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Krispy Kreme Releases Green Donuts for St. Patrick's Day

Krispy Kreme announced that it’s bringing back the all-green O’riginal Glazed Doughnut starting March 9 and adding a full menu filled with green donuts starting March 13-17. Read more to learn about the St. Patrick’s Day treats.
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Starbucks Is Awarding 2.5 Million Prizes Over Next Month Through New Mobile Game

Starbucks will soon offer more rewards for coffee lovers. The famous coffee chain company just released a new mobile game. This gives a chance for Starbucks member to win big prizes.
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Postmates and Instacart Offering No-Contact Deliveries Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Food delivery services like Postmates and GrubHub are giving customers the option to have “no-contact” with their drivers when receiving their orders in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
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Ben & Jerry’s Postpones ‘Free Cone Day’ Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

Ben & Jerry’s has announced they are postponing their annual Free Cone Day promotion amid concerns of the spread of coronavirus. The event normally takes place on the second Tuesday of April.
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