This Girl Scout Is Still Selling Cookies At 98 Years Old

Girl scout cookie season is officially here, and while this time of year normally leads to reminiscing for former scouts, one woman just can’t seem to give up the tradition. A 98 year old woman has gone viral for continuing to sell girl scout cookies for the last 88 years.
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New Oreo Flavored Lip Balm Goes Viral Quickly Selling Out Online

Oreo cravings can be pretty dangerous, but making other things taste like Oreos is just unfair. An Oreo flavored lip balm is now being sold, and the world’s love of the cookie was quickly shown as the product quickly sold out on Amazon after being shared online.
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(Left)  Whataburger, bride and groom holding hands (Right)

A Lucky Fort Worth Couple Won A Dream Whataburger Wedding On Valentine’s Day

Amy Talley and Xander Leatherwood from Fort Worth are winners of the Whataburger’s Whatawedding contest. The lucky couple will get married at the Whataburger on North Tarrant Parkway on Valentine’s Day.
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8 Valentine's Day Freebies and Deals From Dunkin', Hooters, and More

As we near Valentine's Day, it's important to load up on freebie and deal offers to make your romantic dinner all the more cheap. Whether you're snuggling up with your significant other or planning a date night with your best girlfriends, there's nothing like a sweet deal to give the holiday a...
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Taco Bell Apologizes for Controversial Storefront Sign

Taco Bell is issuing an apology after a controversial sign. Yahoo ! reported that a customer saw a sign calling out employees who were late for work. The message was discovered at a restaurant located in Fairlawn, Ohio. A picture of the controversial sign was posted on Facebook by Paula Duhon Boss...
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McDonalds Has A New Device That Prevents Ice Cream Machine From Breaking

Any McDonalds fan knows the pain of pulling up to the drive through with a McFlurry craving, only to be told the ice cream machine is broken. Many conspiracies have been suggested as to why the machine is frequently down, but it turns out the machine has many issues that could cause it to...
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Texas Couple Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday With “Rib Smash” Instead Of Cake

For most new parents, it’s a tradition to celebrate their child’s first birthday with a “cake smash.” While no one can deny the cuteness of a baby smashing a cake all over the place, one Texas couple had a different idea for their daughter’s birthday.
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Chipotle Is Offering Free Stuff if You Activate 'Guac Mode'

According to a press release issued by Chipotle , you can unlock free guacamole among other extras by activating “Guac Mode” when you join Chipotle Rewards. This initiative is to “celebrate the one-year anniversary of Chipotle Rewards and its more than 8.5 million founding members.” There is a...
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Texas Rangers To Hold Fan Vote For New Globe Life Field Recipes

The debut of Globe Life Field is less than a month away, and while Texas Rangers’ fans are gearing up for the season, some are more interested in seeing what kind of food this new ballpark has to offer.
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Unlucky Fugitive Gets Arrested Picking Up Pizza Order At The Same Time As Sheriff

When it comes to pizza, there isn’t much that can go wrong, but for one criminal, his pizza cravings may have been what did him in. The Kentucky man had stopped at a pizzeria to pick up a pie, but unlucky for him, a police officer happened to be picking up pizza at the same time.
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