Dollar General Announces Elderly Hours To Help Keep Senior Shoppers Safe During Coronavirus

As grocery stores deals with large crowds and low inventory, many have begun to take measures to ensure the safety of elderly customers. It was announced this week that Dollar General will implemented elderly hours during the first hour their stores are open.
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‘Cats’ Revival Awarded The Worst Movie Of 2019 By The Razzies

The coronavirus may have cancelled this year’s Razzie Awards ceremony, but that didn’t stop the Golden Raspberries from handing out awards for the worst films of 2019. The winners of this year’s awards were announced on Monday, and the big winner this year was ‘Cats.’
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The Kentucky Derby Has Been Postponed Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus has taken out yet another huge event, as it was announced on Tuesday that the Kentucky Derby will be postponed. The announcement was made via teleconference Tuesday morning after rumors of the cancellation circulated late Monday night.
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Distilleries Across The Country Have Begun Making Their Own Hand Sanitizer To Hand Out For Free

By now, almost everyone has been reminded to wash their hands, and use hand sanitizer as the coronavirus continues to spread. However, with shelves at grocery stores being emptied out faster and faster, many are struggling to find any form of hand sanitizer at their local convenience store.
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Comedian Patton Oswalt Does Stand Up Set From His Front Yard As Coronavirus Continues To Spread

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country, many industries have taken drastic steps to help keep customers safe. This includes the entertainment industry, as movies theaters are beginning to shut down and events are being canceled daily.
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Chip And Joanna Gaines Open Up About Leaving HGTV And Starting Their Own Network

Chip and Joanna Gaines haven’t been on television since 2017, but the Texas couple will be making their return later this year when they launch their highly anticipated ‘Magnolia’ network. Though they are most famous for their former HGTV series ‘Fixer Upper,’ the couple says this move was years in...
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NBCUniversal Announces They Will Release New Movies On-Demand Immediately

As movie theaters begin to shut down throughout the country, many movie studios are searching for options. While some highly anticipated movies are being delayed, many still want to find a solution to keep audiences entertained while avoiding theaters.
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Pizzeria In Wisconsin Sells Toilet Paper To Help Community

"If you can't be part of your community, then you're in business for the wrong reasons"
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses His Mini Horse And Donkey To Urge People To Stay Home

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States, many celebrities have begun using their platform to urge fans to stay home and avoid germs during this time. One of the more prominent voices currently warning fans is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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‘American Idol’ Contestant Reenacts Iconic ’40-Year-Old Virgin’ Waxing Scene

‘American Idol’ has seen a number of talented singers come through their audition process, but they have also had their fair share of viral gimmick auditions. However, its rare one of these strange moments ends with the contestant moving on to the next round.
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