[Video] The “Reverse-Eating Cam” Has Taken Over The NBA, And Now The Internet

For years, the kiss cam had embarrassed fans on the Jumbo Tron at sporting events. Now, there is a new in game feature that has some NBA fans feeling queasy. The “reverse-eating cam” shows unsuspecting fans eating their concessions in reverse, and has been used at multiple NBA arenas this year.
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James Dean, Dead Since 1955, To Star In Movie Using CGI

Advancements in technology have given life to artists who are no longer with us in incredible ways throughout the years. Thanks to holograms, beloved performers have returned to the stage posthumously.
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New Research Reveals The Most Popular Wedding First Dance Song Of 2019

The first dance as a couple is one of the most popular wedding traditions, which is why plenty of newlyweds struggle with finding the perfect song to dance to. While some couples choose a popular song, or a song that has meaning to them, some just want a song that helps commemorate the moment.
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George Michael’s First Posthumous Song Released For Upcoming Film, ‘Last Christmas’

It has been three years since George Michael passed away, but thanks to the upcoming movie, ‘Last Christmas,’ a new song will be released by the artist posthumously. The new song, ‘This Is How (We Want You to Get High),’ was finished by Michael in late 2015.
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Deyjah Imani Harris and T.I.

T.I. Takes Daughter On An Annual Checkup To Confirm Hymen Is Not Broken

T.I. revealed he accompanies his 18-year-old daughter to the gynaecologist every year to ensure that she is still a virgin.
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garth brooks

Garth Brooks Invites Boy Who Wore A Clever Garth Brooks Halloween Costume To Concert

It's not often when famous musicians personally invite a fan to their show.
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finn wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard aka Mike from 'Stranger Things' Debuts New (Shorter) Haircut

Fans of "Stranger Things'' star Finn Wolfhard were in for a shock this week.
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Man Finds Long Lost Dog At Adoption Event

In a touching story that almost seems like it came out of a movie, a man has been reunited with his dog he lost years ago.
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Craft Brewery Puts Hard to Adopt Shelter Dogs on Labels To Help Them Find Homes

It's not too far out there to say most people love dogs and beer.
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Neil Young Now Says He “Wont Close The Door” On A CSNY Reunion

As more and more classic bands are getting back together and hitting the road for a reunion tour, one reunion fans have given up on is Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. It has been years since the foursome has performed together, and any chance either of them get to shut down rumors of a reunion,...
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