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Dashcam Footage Captures Hurst Home Explosion

Police have realsed new dashcam footage of the house explosion, which occured on April 7.
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Giant Train Full Of Raw Sewage Has Sat In This Small Town For More Than Two Months

A massive train full of human waste from New York City has been parked in the small town of Parrish, Alabama for over two months.
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Steven Spielberg To Direct New DC Movie

DC announced on Tuesday that Steven Spielberg will be directing their next superhero film.
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Good Samaritan In Fort Worth Carries An Injured Older Man

Good Samaritan In Fort Worth Carries An Injured Older Man, Struggling To Walk, Back To His Car At Q.T.

There are still good people in this world! No surprise here that it involves a Texan.
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 Kanye West Is The Best Family Feud Player Of All Time

Steve Harvey Says Kanye West Is The Best Family Feud Player Of All Time

Believe it or not, but Kanye West loves some Family Feud. So much so that he will make a special appearance during one of the upcoming celebrity editions. In fact, he volunteered himself and his family for the job. Apparently the Hiltons were scheduled to play the Kardashians on the Feud, but...
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Throwback Pic Of George Strait

Epic Throwback Pic Of George Strait Wearing Roller Skates

Have you ever seen George Strait without a cowboy hat and cowboy boots? It's elusive like Bigfoot or the Chupacabra or Nessie the Lochness monster. However it does happen on the rare occassion he goes roller skating.
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Freddie Mercury, Queen

Jack's Nine @ 9, April 18, 1976

Wednesday, April 18
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Bullied Teen Wears Hateful Message On Shirt Because "Those Word's Don't Define You"

She wasn't going to stand idly by and let some bully's words hurt her like that, and she wanted to show that person or persons she was going to rise above it.
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Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee In Bottles In Order To Save Time

A former Amazon warehouse employee once said there was a culture of fear that they would get into trouble "for taking too long away from the job."
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Listen To The Communication Between Air Traffic Control And Flight 1380 As Plane Braced For Emergency Landing

Southwest Flight 1380 from New York to Dallas was about as normal a flight as you can imagine for the first 20 minutes.
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