Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TMNT

7th Grader Suspended For Drawing Stick Figures Of Ninja Turtles Holding Swords

A 13-year-old 7th grader at Roseboro-Salemburg Middle School in North Carolina finished his assignment early and spent a few minutes doodling on some paper.
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Court, Courtoom

Judge To Allow Woman To Testify From Beyond The Grave At Own Murder Trial

Three years ago, Judy Malinowski was doused in gasoline and left for dead at a gas station in her native Ohio, eventually passing away this past Summer. In just a few months, she will be making a testimony against her ex-boyfriend in her own murder trial.
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Fedora, Hat

Harry Anderson, Star Of "Night Court" And "Cheers," Dies At 65

Anderson was nominated for three consecutive Emmys for his performance on Night Court , which ran on NBC for nine seasons from 1984-1992.
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100.3 Jack FM,Hackers,Data Leak,Cybersecurity,Smart Technology,Casino,Termostat,Thermometer,Aquarium,Cloud

Hackers Exploit Casino's Aquarium Thermometer To Steal High-Roller Database

Hackers were able to use a casino's smart thermometer to steal the data of their wealthiest customers.
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100.3 Jack FM,Josh Pieters,YouTube,Tom Holland,Avengers,Infinity War,Interview,Prank,Funny,Video,Spiderman,Conor Maynard,Caspar Lee,Marvel

[VIDEO] Tom Holland's Friends Pull Hilarious Prank During 'Infinity War' Interview

The Spiderman star recently sat down with YouTuber Josh Pieters for what he thought would be a normal interview.
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Marathon Runner Becomes The First American Woman to Win Since 1985

The last woman to win the Boston Marathon was Lisa Larsen Weidenback in 1985.
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Mariah Carey To Be Sued

Mariah Carey To Be Sued By Former Manager

Stella Stolper, Mariah Carey's former manager and go-to-person during her difficult engagement with former fiance James Packer, was let go about a year ago when Mariah decided to make major changes. TMZ reports Stolper, who was very protective of Mariah, managing her through a myriad of...
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Beyonce At Coachella

Beyonce Changed Her Nail Polish In The Middle Of Her Coachella Performance

Bey is a queen and don't you forget it!
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Smurfs Fan Driver

This Texas Driver Really, Really Loves The Smurfs

If you're scared of stuffed animals or dolls of any kind, look away now. What you are about to see, you can't unsee. In fact, there are thousands of little beady eyes ready to steal your soul.
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Sega Is Planning To Release A Mini Sega Genesis Before The End Of The Year

Everything old is new again. Just like Nintendo, Sega is now pouncing on those feelings of nostalgia with...a mini Sega Genesis.
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