Lexton bush fire site in western Victoria, Australia

Steve Irwin Cartoon Welcoming Australian Animals Killed In Wildfires Goes Viral

A heartbreaking cartoon of Steve Irwin welcoming Australian animals into heaven has gone viral.
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Betelgeuse May Explode Leaving Orion Without A Shoulder

It's begun to dim, and scientists believe this is a sign that the star will explode into a supernova.
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Adidas Set To Release Run DMC Inspired Superstars For It's 50th Anniversary

The shoe will be available in three color patterns.
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'Murder House Flip' Will Be Your Newest Home Makeover Obsession

For the past few years, home makeover shows have been have been a huge hit.
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(Left) Nicole Kidaman and Keith Urban, Pink (Right)

Celebrities Are Raising Awareness And Pledging to Fight Australia's Wildfires

Many celebrities are taking notice and action by donating money to help fight Australian fires, revealing their pledge of half a million US dollars.
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Photo Credit: Xinhua/Sipa USA

SURPRISE: Cameron Diaz Just Had A Baby

Her and husband Benji Madden are doing well.
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Netflix Reveals Details For Dozens Of Original 2020 Films

You won't have to leave home to watch a blockbuster.
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Children’s Medical Center Dallas Is Keeping The Trains

DFW has spoken...and they have listened!
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There's A Petition To Save The Trains At Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Last count: over 50,000 signatures (and growing)!
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Dr. Phil's House Has Weird Chairs, Guns & Bear Statues

And it's on-sale for $5.75 million.
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