This Puzzle Is Driving Everyone Crazy

How many triangles can you spot in this picture?
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Girls Night Over Spouses

Do Most Women Prefer To Spend Time With Best Friends Or Their Significant Other?

Independent reports a recent U.K. survey reveals 50% of women prefer spending time with their best friend, versus their husband. Here are some reasons: 10. We have much more in common – 25% 9. She is less irritating – 26% 8. She offers better advice – 28% 7. We go back much further – 29% 6. I can...
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The Internet is Divided Over This Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

The sandwich recipe was originally shared by the New York Times.
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Huey Lewis

Jack's Nine @ 9, April 9, 1982

Monday, April 9
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Mark Hamill, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill Tears Up After Seeing Yoda For The First Time On Set Of "Last Jedi" (Video)

Star Wars being revived after so many years was an emotional experience for fans far and wide, but did you ever stop and think how the actors portraying our favorite characters felt as well?
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Dogs, Animals, Puppies

Study Finds Dogs Will Manipulate Us To Get What They Want

Take a look at your dog. That sweet innocent face. Do not be fooled by it.
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Dwayne Johnson, The Rock

Dwayne Johnson To Give Away $300,000 On "HQ Trivia" Mobile Game

Dwayne Johnson is the biggest and most popular movie star in the world. "HQ Trivia" is growing to be one of the world's most popular mobile games. Putting them together spells out a potential of big cash for you!
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World's First Smart Condom Lets You Track And Upload Data Of Your Performances

We looked extra hard to make sure this story wasn't just a late entry for April Fool's Day. Apparently, this is very real.
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Alden Ehrenreich

The Latest Trailer For "Solo: A Star Wars Story" Is Here! (Video)

The movie, focusing on a young Han Solo played by Alden Ehrenreich, debuted its latest trailer last night, and had plenty of new footage for us to analyze and criticize, especially plenty of Chewbacca, Han meeting fellow smuggler Lando Calrissian, and how he acquires the Millenium Falcon.
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Unicorn, Animal, Mythical

Man Selling "Lucky Unicorn Nipples" To Bring You Good Luck

Danny Ruxton is a 31-year-old entrepreneur who is the mad genius behind the latest good luck charm everyone needs: Lucky Unicorn Nipples.
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