Florida Woman Offers Her Car for Entire Stock of Necco Candy

The company is most known for their candy wafers and sweethearts.
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Mitzi Shore, Owner of The Comedy Store, Dies at 87

Shore was often regarded as the godmother of comedy in Los Angeles.
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 Cowboy Boot Roller Blades

Ever Seen Cowboy Boot Roller Blades?

Ok, we are really, really, really, hoping cowboy boot roller blades are NOT a thing. In fact, they seem dangerous.
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Def Leppard, Joe Elliot

Jack's Nine @ 9, Rock 'n Roll

Thursday, April 12
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Music, Record Player, Vinyl, Records

Teacher Bans Phones During Midterms, So Student Brings A Record Player To Listen To Music

The school year is nearing its end, so there's no doubt students across the country are beginning to stress over midterm exams.
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Lingerie, Underwear

This 83-Year-Old Great Grandmother Is The World's Oldest Lingerie Model

Dorrie Jacobson is an 83-year-old former former Playboy Playmate who spends her days as a fashion blogger living in Las Vegas.
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Google, Street View, Camera, Car

Dog Becomes Instant Star After Being Photographed Chasing Down Google Street View Car

A dog in Japan has become an instant celebrity after a Google Street View car captured of the images to the dog chasing the vehicle throughout Kumage, in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture.
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Speeding, Speed Camera, Highway, Cars, Driving,

Man Issued Speeding Tickets From Speed Camera Despite Car Always Being Parked

If you've ever been caught and fined by a speed camera while driving, we feel your pain. They're a giant nuisance, and the argument still exists that they are nothing more than a money grub for the city.
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Google, Google Assistant, Google Home

Google's Voice Assistant Has Received Almost 500,000 Marriage Proposals In India

Google's voice assistant installed in Android devices is becoming increasingly popular in India. Very popular.
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Roseanne Pays Tribute to Late Cast Member Glenn Quinn

The episode aired Tuesday night.
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