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The Motorola RAZR Is Coming Back

But it's REALLY going to cost you.
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The John Wick 3 Trailer Is Here!!!

Get ready...this Spring is gonna get violent!
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Wanna Drink While Shopping? Willow Bend Mall Is Now Offering Alcohol!

Drunk shopping is the best kind of shopping!!!!!!!
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Government Shutdown Leads to Spike in Pornhub Viewers

Government workers in Washington DC have some extra time on their hands as the partial government shutdown hits its fourth week. And the adult website, Pornhub, has an idea as to how those employees are spending their time: watching porn.
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This is Remy The Cat, And He Is Harvard University’s Biggest On Campus Celebrity

The life of a college student may seem like nothing but fun, but it also comes with a ton of stress for students. This is especially true at Harvard University, one of the country’s finest learning institutions, where students have high expectations for their future, from the moment they step foot...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda Showed Off His Freestyle Rap Skills While Calling Out Audience Member For Using Phone During ‘Hamilton’ Performance

The cardinal rule of the theater is to not use your phone, no matter what the reason. One theater goer had to learn that rule the hard way, after trying to capture a performance of ‘Hamilton’ on their cellphone.
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A Man Jumped Off A Cruise Ship To Become A Viral Sensation, Instead He Was Banned For Life

There is no formula to becoming a viral sensation, but that won’t stop people from trying out their methods. One man’s attempt at internet fame not only got him injured, but banned from a cruise line as well.
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Cheech And Chong Want To Light Up The Oscars By Taking Over Hosting Duties

The Oscars are only six weeks away, and the award ceremony still has no host. While the Academy has discussed going without a host for this year’s broadcast, two comedy legends have decided to throw their hat in the ring just in case.
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Game Of Thrones Fans Can Get Their Photo Taken With The Iron Throne At The AT&T Headquarters Building In Downtown Dallas

Games of Thrones fans in Dallas have a new reason to be excited. While the final season of the hit HBO show is still a few months away, a replica of the Iron Throne has been placed in the lobby of the AT&T building in downtown Dallas.
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Samsung Plans To Reveal Fully Functioning Foldable Smartphone At Event On February 20th

The future is here, and while we still don’t have flying cars, robot butlers, or jet packs, there is a new tech advancement that comes in the form of foldable phones. No, flip phones are not making a comeback.
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