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Ice Cream Shop That Employs Special Needs Adults Has Expanded To Central Market

An ice cream shop at University Park in Dallas is growing faster than anyone expected. Howdy Homemade, which hires employees with special needs, has begun to venture out, as employees have been selling the ice cream at Central Market for about a week.
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"Probably the highlight of this episode, Steve won a fight!" - Billy Kidd on Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 5

On this week's episode Angela and Billy continue discussing the third season of 'Stranger Things' on Netflix. Specifically, Episode 5.
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anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway Reveals Baby Bump and Struggles with 'Conception Hell'

Anne Hathaway is officially pregnant with her second baby.
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zz top

Trailer for 'ZZ Top: That Little Ol’ Band From Texas' Documentary

This week ZZ Top rolled out the first trailer for their documentary "ZZ Top- That Little Ol' Band From Texas''.
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The #RedFlagsYouShouldn'tIgnore Hashtag Is Offering Up Some Valuable Dating Advice

Trending Red Flags in the Dating World!
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"You should never visit the fictional town of Hawkins if your name is William," -Angela On Stranger Things

On this week's episode Angela and Billy continue discussing the third season of 'Stranger Things' on Netflix. Specifically, Episodes 3 and 4.
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New Study Shows Ice Cream For Breakfast Is Good For Mental Health

Every kid dreams of the day they are old enough to eat ice cream for breakfast every day. While most adults grow out of this fantasy, it is mostly due to health instead of desire. However, a new study says ice cream in the morning is actually good for mental performance.
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Blink-182 Fans Keep Bringing Mark Hoppus Custom License Plates

Blink-182 fans have a new tradition that Mark Hoppus may regret starting. After a fan brought a custom license plate to a recent show, Hoppus gifted the fan his bass guitar, in exchange for the “BLNK 182” license plate.
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Jon Bon Jovi’s New Jersey Home Is Listed For Sale At An Insane Price

Living in the former home of rock star sounds like a great idea, until the price tag is revealed. According to reports, Jon Bon Jovi’s New Jersey home is up for sale. The home is listed on Christie’s International Real Estate, for an incredible amount.
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Jessica Alba Reveals Which Tattoo She Regrets The Most

Getting a tattoo as a teenager can be fun, but it may lead to regrets later in life. That was the case for Jessica Alba, who recently spoke on the tattoo she regrets getting the most. According to the actress even attempts to laser the tattoo off her have failed.
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