Angela Chase


Nikes Filled With Holy Water Nicknamed 'Jesus Shoes' Sell Out In Minutes Despite Price Tag

Designer shoes with holy water injected into the soles have sold out in minutes of their release.
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Terrell Senior's Creative Invitation to Homecoming Dance Goes Viral

This week a Terrell High School student is going viral for his impressive homecoming proposal.
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Boxer Erroll Spence's Ferrari Flips In Dallas Accident

Well known boxer Errol Spence Jr. is currently in intensive care after flipping his Ferrari.
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chicken nugget

Vegan Files Charges Against Friends Who Tricked Her Into Eating A Chicken Nugget

Pranks can be all in good fun, but sometimes it can go too far.
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David Draiman Of Disturbed Says He Wants To Sing National Anthem At Super Bowl

With Shakira and J. Lo slated to perform at this year's super bowl half-time show, the sporting event is already shaping up to be quite the spectacle.
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"This episode was kind of all over the place!" - Billy Kidd on Mindhunter Episode 6

On this week's episode Angela and Billy discuss episode 6 of season two of Netflix series, Mindhunter.
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A Women Found A Nuts Surprise In the Hood Of Her Car

She started to smell something burning, her husband told her to open the hood to see and it was nuts!
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 El Camino: Breaking Bad Movie Premiere

Did Walter White Survive The Ending of "Breaking Bad"

The 'Breaking Bad' Walter White narrative will continue in the upcoming Netflix film, ‘El Camino.’ The debated qestion on whether Walter White is dead or alive is finally answered by the creator, Vince Gilligan.
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Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler Reunited With Vegas Strong Tee

Tyler has been reunited with his famous Vegas Strong T-shirt as of Tuesday night. Kris and Barbie Dahl, nwere able to return the black Vegas Strong shirt during their promised meet-and-greet with Tyler and Perry.
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strip club

A College Professor Was Busted For Spending $190K In Grant Money On Strippers And iTunes

An engineering professor from Drexel University is in a bit of hot water.
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