Angela Chase

great white shark

Incredible Video Shows Huge Great White Shark Rattling Dive Cage With People In It

Most people go their entire lives with out ever having a close encounter with an apex predator.
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Prince Harry Isn't Playing Games With The Media

Prince Harry says the death of his mother is still raw and will not play into the media's games.
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Sofia Vergara Ordered By Judge to Pay Ex Almost $80,000 In Legal Fees

Sofia's ex-fiance wants to use the embryos him and Sofia planned to use for they wanted to have a baby when they were together but Sofia doesn't want him to use the embryos.
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Kirsten Bell And Dax Shepard Both Forget Anniversary

"I will never remember the date of our anniversary @daxshepard, and I know you won't either,"
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Watch: Pelican Walks Into Fish And Chips Diner And Confidently Gets In Line

A restaurant in New South Wales, Australia had an unexpected guest walk in their doors recently.
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Angry woman in yoga class

Profanity and Obscene Gestures Are Part of Rage Yoga

Rage Yoga is the new alternative twist to traditional yoga. The class typically has loud explicit music and class attendees are encouraged to scream, cuss and do obscene gestures.
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David Bowie

Is The Ghost Of David Bowie Haunting Scottish Television Set?

Lorraine Kelly, Scottish TV host Is positive the ‘ghost’ David Bowie made a surprise guest appearance on her TV show.
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Racing car burns rubber off its tires

Street Drifters Shut down Woodall Rodgers

It is the middle of rush hour around 6 p.m. in Dallas when a group of Dallas drift racers planned to block traffic on Woodall Rodgers to do tricks beneath Klyde Warren Park, this past Saturday.
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"I think at this point, it is starting to get complicated, everything is muddy." - Angela Chase On Mindhunter Episode 7

On this week's episode Angela and Billy discuss episode 7 of season two of Netflix series, Mindhunter.
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Wheel of Fortune Contestant Calls Wife "Battle-Axe" And Goes Viral

A contestant on the "Wheel of Fortune" this week is going viral for his description of his marriage.
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