Angela Chase

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Twitter Is Roasting Ben Affleck For His Giant Back Tattoo

For years, Affleck has been claiming that the massive tattoo is a fake.
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Man Eating

Man Eats Chipotle 500 Days In A Row

An Ohio man just finished something most diehard Chipotle fans can only dream about, 500 straight days of Chipotle.
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Elon Musk Says Everyone On His First Flight To Mars Will Probably Die

Musk recently said that there is a “good chance” the first passengers he sends to Mars won't make it.
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Austin Suffers Third Explosion This Month Alone

Austin police warn against accepting any unknown or suspicious packages.
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Applebee's Is Taking Your Expired Gift Cards From Other Companies

Got some expired gift cards laying around, and looking for a half-price dinner? Applebee's has you covered.
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Michael B. Jordan

Girl Breaks her Retainer After Seeing Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther

I don't think we can blame her. Black Panther as been out for a while now, and most of the world is still talking about it. Especially one orthodontist whom technically didn't break patient confidentiality. A Tumbler post had been circling the internet of how an orthodontists patient had to make an...
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'Game Of Thrones' Star Hafthor Bjornsson A.K.A 'The Mountain' Breaks Deadlift Record At Arnold Classic

Over the weekend at the annual Arnold Strongman Classic, ''Game of Thrones'' star Hafthor Bjornsson broke the world deadlifting record lifting a total of 1,041lbs
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McDonald's Golden Arches

McDonald's Flips Its Golden Arches Upside Down and People Are Confused

McDonald's is flipping its iconic golden arches at several locations across the nation.
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Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo's 'Alexa' Frightening People With Spontaneous Laughter

Has your Amazon Echo host 'Alexa' suddenly laughed for no apparent reason?
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Heather Lockler

Heather Locklear In Medical Treatment as Police Look For Her Gun

Last week during Heather Locklear's arrest for felony domestic violence, she was drunk and told police, "If you ever come back to my house, I will shoot you.
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