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Steakhouse In New York Offers Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Ever For $150,000

Thanksgiving is a great day full of tradition, family, gratitude and great food, but there is one thing that has always been missing from the holiday; extravagance. Well thanks to Old Homestead, a steakhouse in New York City, you can add some luxury to your holiday this year.
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Photo Credit: Scott Utterback/Courier Journal

Behold The 'Stranger Things' Demokitten!

Why not? The demodogs can't be outdone!
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Photo Credit: Scott Clause/The Daily Advertiser via USA TODAY NETWORK

Cat Rescued From Paradise, California Wildfires Will Make You Smile

Something so amazing, out of something so tragic.
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lyft riders

Lyft Will Offer $50K In Free Rides To Keep You Safe From Drunk Driving This Thanksgiving

If you're looking to have a little fun on Thanksgiving and by that we mean maybe get a little tipsy on that wine, here are some great news to keep you safe!
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A Random Deer Walked Into Cook Children’s Hospital In Fort Worth

A deer managed to find its way inside Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth.
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The Internet Is At It Again, As People Are Now Throwing Cheese At Their Dog

The internet has done it again! We’ve seen the memes and the dance crazes. There are plenty of cat pictures to go around, but now people are combining dogs and slices of cheese to create glory.
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Chris Cornell's Son Christopher Stars in New Posthumous Music Video

Get out the tissues and get ready for a good cry. Christopher Cornell, son of the late Chris Cornell, has honored his father by starring in a music video for a previously unreleased song by the former Soundgarden front man.
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Skies Lit Up In Central Texas As Leonid Meteor Shower Begins

The Leonid meteor shower has begun, as many are reporting around Texas that they have seen parts of the meteor shower light up the night sky. Expected throughout the weekend, The Leonid meteor shower is expecting to hit its peak on Saturday.
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Allstate Releases 'Best Drivers Report, Handful Of DFW Cities Are On Bottom List

Are you surprised?
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[PHOTO] New Zealand's Police Dogs Takes Graduation Composite, Goes Viral

These are really good boys!
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