Angela Chase

[PHOTO] Beth Chapman, Wife Of Dog The Bounty Hunter, 'Not Doing Well' After Surgery

Prayers to Beth! Very scary stuff.
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Cowboys vs Saints Game Is Now Most-Watched Thursday Night Game In History

It was an intense game with a huge upset!
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Blind Man Sues Playboy After Finding Website Isn't Compatible With Screen-Reading Software

Everyone is quick to claim they read Playboy for the articles, but for Donald Nixon he really means it. That’s why Nixon, a blind man, is suing Playboy, claiming their website isn’t compatible with screen-reading software.
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After A Year Starring Down The 'Charging Bull' Statue In New York, The 'Fearless Girl' Statue Is On The Move

The ‘Fearless Girl’ statue that stands opposite Wall Streets ‘Charging Bull’ statue in New York is on the move. ‘Fearless Girl’ has been removed from its location at Bowling Green, with a new plaque being put in its place.
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This Is Knickers, A Giant Australian Steer, And The Internet Loves It

The Shaquille O’Neal of steers has been found, and the internet loves it. After a photo of the over six foot tall bovine was tweeted by an Australian news source, users were quick to share their reaction. This steer brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “holy cow!”
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MGM Announces They Are Teaming Up With Jordan Peele For A 'Candyman' Sequel

It looks like kids will once again be terrified of the bathroom mirror, as MGM announced today they are teaming up with Jordan Peele for a ‘Candyman’ sequel. The new film will be written by Peele, and directed by Nia DaCosta.
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NFL Inspired Video Of NASA Celebrating Successful Landing Goes Viral

NASA celebrated a big achievement this week, as the InSight lander reached the surface of Mars successfully. However, it was a video of some engineers celebrating that has gotten all the public praise.
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Illegal Robocalls Could Face A Fine If Senate Passes This Law

I hope this stops from the robocalls!!
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A Perfect Catch Helped A Dallas Man Save A Baby Dropped From A Third Story Apartment Building During Fire

A Dallas man has saved the life of a baby, and many others from an apartment building that had caught on fire. Byron Campbell was one of the first people on the scene, after seeing smoke nearby while driving.
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German Teen Loses His Driving License After Only 49 Minutes On The Road

There’s always reason to be fearful when kids first get their license. Well one teenager took that to a whole new level by losing his license after only 49 minutes. Caught speeding shortly after passing his driving test, one teen from Germany will now be without a license for a few weeks.
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