Angela Chase


A Man Found A Pearl In His Oysters While Eating Lunch At A Manhattan Restaurant

Usually finding a surprise in your food is an unwelcomed discovery, but for one man who recently ate at a Manhattan restaurant, that surprise might be his new good luck charm. While eating oysters at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station, Rick Antosh got a prize inside his lunch; a pearl that may...
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Charlie Brown And The Rest Of The Peanuts Are Back, After Apple Strikes Up A Deal With DHX Media

Charlie Brown and the rest of the peanuts gang are ready to make a comeback. The classic animated series will be returning soon, and thanks to Apple, new content is on the way.
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Carnival Cruise Line Announces Plans To Add A Roller Coaster To New Ship

Carnival Cruise Line has once again upped the ante. No longer are simple cruise ships good enough for vacations, as companies continue to add new attractions to their ships in order to fascinate customers.
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19-Year-Old To Graduate With A Ph.D At The University Of North Texas

Wow!! What a great accomplishment!
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[VIDEO] Californian Fisherman Dives In To Catch Large Halibut After Getting Unhooked

What an impressive save!
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[PHOTOS] Liquid Chocolate Covers German Street After Factory Leak

I'm not even mad about this
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[VIDEO] High School Hockey Player Attacks Opposing Player With Hockey Stick

This person went too far!
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Dallas Police Department Wanting To Get Rid Of College Requirements For New Recruits

Hmmm..... I don't see why not.
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[PHOTO] Walmart Is Selling Their Knock-Off Brand Version Of Chick-Fil-A Sauce

People say it's surprisingly good!
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[PHOTO] Lubbock's Winter Storm Beats Milwaukee, Denver And Salt Lake City

Wow! This is insane!
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