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'Golden Girl' Betty White Celebrates 97th With Friends And Poker Night

Happy Birthday to the Golden Girl!!
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[PHOTO] School Bus Overturned Leaves 9 Children And Driver Hospitalized In Dallas

Good thing no one has life-threatening injuries!
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An Australian Island Asks Visitors To Take A Pledge To Stop Taking Selfies With Wombats

As any pet owner will tell you, animal selfies are the perfect photo op. Adding an animal to any photo is guaranteed to generate likes, and the stranger the animal, the more likes the photo will get.
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Steve Carell Is Teaming Up With His Former Boss From ‘The Office’ For A New Netflix Series

Just when you thought it might never happen, Steve Carell is making his return to television. No, it’s not for a reboot of his previous hit show, ‘The Office.’ However, Carell will be teaming up with his former boss from the show, Greg Daniels, to make a new series for Netflix called ‘Space Force.’
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An Arizona Highway Was Turned Into A “River Of Chocolate” After Tanker Spilled 3,500 Gallons of Chocolate Onto The Highway

Most people would agree, a river of chocolate sounds like a great idea, but the Arizona Department of Public Safety would beg to differ. On Monday, a tanker carrying 3,500 gallons of chocolate rolled over and spilled the liquid chocolate all over the highway.
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There Were Two Ties At The Critics Choice Awards, And Viewers Had Very Mixed Feelings About It

Its award season, and that means one thing; it’s time to critic those who critic the best movies and television shows of the year. Every year awards are handed out to actors, actresses, movies and shows that voters feel are deserving, and every year people get upset and call out the voters for...
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NBA Player Misses Practice, And Game, After Eating 7 Burgers And Fries On Cheat Day

Professional athletes are a different breed of human, and in order to keep up with the strength and size needed to compete, most of them have daily calorie intakes that would send most people to the hospital.
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A California Surfer Received 50 Stitches After Surviving A Shark Attack On Tuesday

There’s a reason sharks, and shark attacks, are a common fear among beachgoers. The massive ocean creature is capable of inflicting great harm to a person, and can easily take one’s life. Surviving a shark attack is not only rare, but shocking when someone is able to fight off the beast.
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[PHOTO] Arlington Officer Saves Man's Life Outside AT&T Stadium, Reunites

This is amazing!!
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Peppa Pig's World Of Play At Grapevine Mills To Open In February

Peppa Pig's World of Play is opening soon!
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