Angela Chase


Ariana Grande Mistakenly Got A Tattoo That Reads “Small Charcoal Grill” In Japanese, Instead of “7 Rings”

Ariana Grande might want to say “Thank you, next” to her tattoo artist. The pop star recently got some new ink on her palm, but after posting a picture on Instagram, many fans are commenting that her tattoo has a major error.
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A New Law Might Allow Liquor Stores To Open On Sundays In Texas

Oh man! This is interesting!
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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Reprises Her Role As Carrie Bradshaw In New Super Bowl Spot

Stella Artois is changing up what beverages our favorite movie icons drink.
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Geoffrey Owens Gets The Last Laugh After Attending SAG Awards Following Job-Shaming Controversy

It has been a tumultuous last few months for actor Geoffrey Owens. The former ‘The Cosby Show’ actor was photographed working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey, as a way to make ends meet last fall.
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[VIDEO] Two Burglars Leave Giant TV Because It Won't Fit Inside The Car

Wow! My goodness!
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Whataburger To Give Federal Employees Free Breakfast Even After Reopening The Government

Applause to Whataburger
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Hulu To Lower Cost Of Basic Plan, Ups Live-TV Service

This is a win for Hulu!
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[Photos] Freezing Temperatures Turns Niagara Falls Into A Winter Wonderland

The Northeast was hit with frozen temperatures and heavy snowfall over the weekend. While this most likely ruined the plans of many residents and visitors of the area, those who were brave enough to venture out into the frigid environment to go visit Niagara Falls were in for a special treat when...
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The Super Bowl Is Not Enough To Convince Chick-Fil-A To Open Up Its Stadium Location On Sunday

There is nothing worse than getting a craving for Chick-fil-A, only to realize your sudden need for a chicken sandwich and waffle fries came on a Sunday. The fast food chain closing on Sundays has been a deterrent for chicken lovers for years, and it is no different at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in...
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Fort Worth Stock Show And Rodeo Parade Is Canceled

Due to wintry weather that's coming to DFW on Saturday
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