Angela Chase

[VIDEO] Californian Fisherman Dives In To Catch Large Halibut After Getting Unhooked

What an impressive save!
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[PHOTOS] Liquid Chocolate Covers German Street After Factory Leak

I'm not even mad about this
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[VIDEO] High School Hockey Player Attacks Opposing Player With Hockey Stick

This person went too far!
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Dallas Police Department Wanting To Get Rid Of College Requirements For New Recruits

Hmmm..... I don't see why not.
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[PHOTO] Walmart Is Selling Their Knock-Off Brand Version Of Chick-Fil-A Sauce

People say it's surprisingly good!
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[PHOTO] Lubbock's Winter Storm Beats Milwaukee, Denver And Salt Lake City

Wow! This is insane!
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Nebraska Elementary School Principal Bans Christmas Decorations, Puts On Leave

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[PHOTOS] First Look At Chris Hemsworth's New Movie 'Men In Black: International'

This is not bad at all!
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SpaceX Successfully Launched Falcon 9 Into Space From Cape Canaveral, But A Returning Booster Ended Up In The Atlantic Ocean After A System Failure

The Atlantic Ocean got an unexpected visitor Wednesday. After SpaceX launched a Flacon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral, a hydraulic system for the rocket’s booster malfunctioned causing the returning stage to land in the ocean.
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Comet '46P/Wirtanen,' The Brightest Comet Of The Year, Will Be Visible From Earth Next Week

If you look up into the sky at night next week, you may get a glimpse at something spectacular. The brightest comet of the year will be passing by Earth, at only 7.2 million miles away. The ‘46P/Wirtanen’ as the comet is known, will be so bright, it may even be visible in some locations across the...
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