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During Her Set At Coachella, Ariana Grande Got Hit With A Lemon

This weekend while performing her headlining set, Ariana Grande had something odd thrown at her from the crowd.
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Florida Teen Arrested After Wrestling Fake Alligator In Mall

In yet another weird news story coming out of Florida, a teen was arrested recently for wrestling a fake alligator in the mall. Gianny Sosa-Hernandez was charged with criminal mischief after damaging the display alligator.
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[Video] Steven Tyler Sings In Car On Way To Vegas Show, As Fans Remain Concerned For Joe Perry

At 71, Steven Tyler has still got it. The Aerosmith singer posted a video of himself jamming out in the car on Monday, while on the way to the band’s Vegas residency. Tyler was singing, and playing harmonica, putting on a pre-show performance.
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These Are The Most Common Street Names In The United States

With the help of an analysis from 2015 by "The Washington Post'', a group of researchers were able to compile a list of the most common street names across the country. Here's the list they came up with: Dogwood, Second, Apache, Oak, Park, Aspen, Holly, Lehua, First, Maple, Magnolia, Main, Cedar,...
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Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Will Soon Come To Hulu

Olsen twin movies are coming soon to Hulu!
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DFW Is #1 Fastest Growing Areas In The Country, Census Reports

No wonder traffic is getting heavier...
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Ohio Man Throws An Iguana To Restaurant Manager, Iguana Has Broken Leg

Crazy people out there!
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Sammy Hagar Is Teaming Up With Guy Fieri To Make A New Tequila

Some would call it a match made in bro heaven. Sammy Hagar and Guy Fieri are teaming up to bring a new tequila to the world. Announced in a press release, the rock star and celebrity chef have named their new tequila, Santa Fino Blanco.
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U2 Legend, The Edge, Creates Huge Zebra Sculpture For Charity

A very talented guy indeed
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Southwest And American Airlines Shut Down Planes Due To Severe Weather Threat

Be safe tonight DFW
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