7:20 Game

Every weekday morning at 7:20a.m., we’re on-demand and you’re in control.  The 7:20 Game is your chance to pick the music we play on 100.3 Jack-fm, with a little catch.  The song you pick has to start with the last letter of the last song played.  Words in parentheses don’t count.  Words like “a” and “the” do count.  Numbers are spelled out like words.  If we land on the letter “e”, that’s an “Open E” category and the rules go out the window.  Tune in every weekday morning at 7:20a.m. with JT for another edition of the 7:20 Game.   Not in the car yet at 7:20?  Set an alert on the all new Radio.com app to wake up with the 7:20 Game every morning.

7:20 Game 19 Songs

7:20 Game Top 19

Count Down The Top 19 Most Requested Songs Of 2019. Wednesday, December 4th Starting At 4:30 P.M.
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7:20 To 7:20

We know you love picking the music weekday mornings at 7:20a.m!
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7:20 Game Top 18

We’re on-demand, you’re in control, and now we’re counting down your top picks for the year.
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