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High School Used For Setting Of “Twin Peaks” To Be Demolished

Twin Peaks High School has closed its doors for good. Today is the last day of #TwinPeaks High School. It’s doors will shut soon and demolition begins July 5th. Here are a few pictures taken during its final hours by @grrlskout . Thank you for sharing, this high school will live on forever in our... Read More

Man Catches Massive Fish With His Bare Hands

Fishing and Father’s Day go hand in hand. There is no better prize than hauling in a massive fish. That is, of course, unless your caught that fish bare-handed. An Oklahoma man got the ultimate prize this weekend when he reached into the water and caught an 85 pound catfish. Nate Williams, an... Read More
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11-Year-Old With A Machete Stops Intruders During Home Invasion

This is one brave kid. On Friday morning, an 11-year-old boy in Orange County, North Carolina was home alone enjoying his time off from school. That’s when a stranger came up to his front porch and knocked on the door. After not responding to the stranger, a man broke a window and came in through... Read More
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Major Power Outage Shuts Down Target's Checkout Registers

Yesterday, shoppers at Target may have experienced a wait time a little longer than they're used to. A major power outage impacted Target stores across the country yesterday, shutting down registers and causing a stand still in checkout lines nationwide. Standing in line @Target with no time frame... Read More