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Tom Petty's Widow And Daughters End Legal Battle

New documents have said that the legal battle is over between Tom Petty's widow and daughters. Dana Petty and her daughters Adria and Annakim Petty have settled issues and are dropping the lawsuits against each other. This dispute blocked Wildflowers box set to come out on time of the 25th... Read More
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Texas Bank Accidentally Deposits $37 Million In Woman's Account

A Dallas woman went to the bank to deposit cash into her account, she then checks her account later and what it says shocks her! She checks her bank app noticing it says there is over $37 million in her account. She said she had to take a breath to call her husband about it then her bank to see if... Read More

Adam Sandler Has ‘Big Daddy’ Father-Son Reunion With Cole Sprouse

Adam Sandler is getting tons of praise for his performance in the upcoming film, ‘Uncut Gems.’ However, it seems like it was just yesterday the comedian was making us laugh with films such as ‘Happy Gilmore,’ ‘Billy Madison,’ and ‘Big Daddy.’ Now, Sandler has moved on to a more serious role, but... Read More
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Watch This Boy's Reaction When He's Reunited With His Lost Pug

A pet owners’ worst fear is losing their companion. In mid-November, April Licata and her son Carter let their dog Piper out to relieve herself. When they called out for he,r Piper did not return. The Licata family was living a nightmare when she went missing. It was especially hard for Carter... Read More