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Video Shows Kangaroo Disrupting Super Models Poolside Photo Shoot

Kangaroo’s down in Australia can be huge party crashers. They can jump right over any barrier, are super stubborn and they’re everywhere. While a bunch of models were getting ready to do a poolside photo shoot at a mansion owned by millionaire Travers Beynon, a random kangaroo wanted to join in and... Read More

Ellen DeGeneres Makes $50K Donation To Fort Worth School

Students at a Fort Worth elementary school are saying thank you to comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who is making a big donation to their school. Ellen is donating $50,000 to Como Elementary to help pay for meals and new technology. The school provides 2 meals a day to most kids at that school because... Read More
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Montreal Officially Declared a Heavy Metal City

While alt rock favorites Arcade Fire might be Montreal’s best-known musical export at the moment, city leaders seem to want their bands to play a little louder than that. City council has officially declared Montreal to be a heavy metal city. The measure was introduced by Councilor and resident... Read More
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Study Finds Men With Beards Found To Have More Germs Than Dogs

If you want to be free of germs, science has found that you should probably start by shaving the beard. New research shows that men with beards often carry more germs than a dog's fur. This finding came about after researchers wanted to determine if dogs and humans using the same MRI scanner was... Read More
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Family Narrowly Escapes Car Crashing Into Restaurant Patio

A family in California is lucky to be alive after narrowly escaping a a car crashing into the restaurant they were walking out of. The mother and her two young daughters just walked onto the Villa Corona's patio when an oncoming driver lost control of their vehicle. Surveillance footage captured... Read More