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Woman Mistakes Stick Of Dynamite For Candle Stick

September 10, 2018

When we first found out about this story, it sounded like something straight out of Looney Toons.

Last week, a woman in Connecticut accidentally lit a stick of dynamite thinking it was a candle during a power outage.  

Assistant Bridgeport Fire Chief Michael Caldaroni said the woman was trying to find a candle in her house around 9pm during a strong thunderstorm.  After lighting the dynamite, it went off in her hand and she suffered severe injuries to her hand.  911 was called by one of her children and was immediately rushed off to the hospital.  Luckily no one else was harmed when the dynamite went off. 

However, one of their house windows was blown out.  Firefighters discovered a 2nd explosive and evacuated people in homes around the woman's residence, then had state police bomb experts called in to remove the other explosive. 

-story via fox4news.com