Old Picture Frames


A Stolen Painting Of A Woman Turned Up In Dallas Bar

August 14, 2018

Things have a strange way of coming back to us. 

Katy Ryan was just out with friends at the Bowen House in Uptown, when she saw something that looked strangely familiar. 

It was a painting was of Katy’s mother, Betsy Daniels, as a teenager. The painting was stolen from her home in Highland Park back in 2006 during a break in. 

Ryan tells CBS DFW she thought they would never see that painting again. “That is my mother; that is our painting. Why is it on the wall here at the Bowen House? It’s almost like if I saw a ghost or something.”

The Bowen House says they purchased the painting from an antique store here in Dallas earlier this year. The bar's walls are lined with old paintings and pictures. She told the owner of the Bowen House her story and showed him a picture of her stepfather standing next to the painting.

The owner, Daniel Alqassen agreed to return the painting on Monday. Alqassen wanted to keep the story of the painting alive and decided to have coasters made with the painting on them. “We are actually going to get coasters made of that painting because we just loved it. We want to kind of keep that story alive and kind of tell people about it.”