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Woman Does The "Salmon Slam," And Chugs A Beer From A Fish's Mouth

July 28, 2018

Amy Meyers did not plan on drinking beer from a fish's mouth.  In fact, she didn't necessarily want to drink beer out of a fish's mouth.  But she was dared, and Amy Meyers does not back down from a dare.

She was out on a fishing trip earlier this week, where she caught the 22 pound fish near Port Washington in Wisconsin.  After the catch, her friend Nolan was reminded of watching people do the "salmon slam," and though he himself had never done it, he thought Amy was the perfect candidate to try it out.

He cleaned and gutted the fish, inserted a can of beer into its mouth, and let the magic unfold.

Despite the fish being cleaned, Amy said it was "gross and slimy" when it slipped into her mouth.  And as for advice for someone who wants to attempt the salmon slam (please be responsible), she said, "Just keep chugging until it's done."

Via Journal Sentinel