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Woman Arrested Aftering Entering Locked Train Cabin With Key She Bought At Auction

October 13, 2018

A Japanese woman and self-proclaimed "train enthusiast" is in a little bit of trouble with the law, after she broke into the crew member’s cabin.  Well, she didn't technically "break in."  She was able to unlock the door...thanks to a key she bought at an online auction!

The unidentified woman entered the cabin around 11:20pm the night of July 8th.  She played with the train's windshield wipers and stole a train ID number sign from the compartment.  Her venture was captured all on security footage, and she was apprehended easily.  But the real question here is how she was able to buy an active key to the train on an auction site!

How did the auction site acquire said key?  And how was it so easy for her to purchase it?  Of course, train employees across the country are worried that anybody can just go a buy a key and enter their cabins.  And can you imagine the cost of replacing every single lock of every single door on every single train?

The site the woman bought the key hasn't been identified publicly, but social media buzz has revealed that plenty of other stolen train parts are being sold online, including a stolen brake valve handle.  Kinky.   Some suspect it’s the rail employees who are just trying to earn a couple extra bucks.

The prosecution condemned the woman for being "selfish," after she said the reason for her crime was that she just liked that particular train, and wanted to have a piece of it for herself.  She was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, suspended for three years, by the Matsudo branch of the Chiba District Court.

Via Japan Today