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Cancer Patient's Dream Trip Canceled After Accidentally Clicking "Yes" On Terrorist Box On Visa Form

September 30, 2018

It was Mandie Stevenson's dream to visit New York City.

The trip was on the 29-year-old cancer patient's bucket list, and she finally could cross it off.  However, before the trip even began, her application was rejected. Apparently, while filling out the proper paperwork, Stevenson accidentally answered "yes" on a question asking if she was "seeking to, or had ever, engaged in terrorist activities or genocide."

She traveled from Falkirk in Scotland to the US Embassy in London to try and convince US officials she was not a security threat, and it was all a mistake.  That trip cost her $417, considerably more expensive than the cost of the Esta (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) form where she initially made the mistake.  Esta allows UK citizens to waive their need for a full US visa.

Eventually, the Embassy confirmed she was not a terrorist, but she had to rebook her flight, and she's not sure if she would receive her Visa in time for that flight.  She told the BBC, she "believed she ticked 'no' then when scrolling it 'nudged and moved" regarding the terrorist question.  She told the US Embassy it was "the worst box you could have ticked."

She was finally able to rearrange her dream trip for next month, to the tune of an extra $1,042, but she's "happy again and keen to get going."

Via Business Insider