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There’s A Secret Menu At Whataburger You Probably Didn’t Know About

September 3, 2018

Don’t you feel cool when you order something not on the menu, and your server knows exactly what you’re talking about? 

Now you can feel extra cool the next time you go to Whataburger and order off the secret menu. We have seven secret items for you to try the next time you have a hankering for Texas’ favorite fast food chain. 

The Anything Combo

You can add and combine just about anything to your meal when you go to Whataburger. Want to add fries or onion rings on top of your burger? Do it! Want to add another patty? Go for it! 

The Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves a good grilled cheese sandwich every now and then. Why not get one from Whataburger? When you order the grilled cheese, they’ll melt the cheese between their Texas toast and only charge you for the cheese. 

The Veggie Burger 

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. You can order a veggie burger from McDonald's and they’ll give you the same burger just without a patty. Order a veggie burger from Whataburger and they’ll add a hash brown patty for you instead. How generous is that? 

The Triple Triple

The next time your friend goes to In N Out and orders a Double Double, you can one-up them with a Triple Triple from Whataburger. It comes exactly how it sounds three beef patties between two buns.

The Hulk

No, this one isn’t a burger. It’s a green drink made with PowerAde and Vault soda. 

Chicken N’ Pancakes 

Go ahead and skip the long lines for brunch and head for Whataburger. This one’s a classic with a twist. You can order a stack of pancakes and add chicken biscuits on the side. Who needs waffles anyway? 

The Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich 

This one might be hard to come by. Swap out the chicken biscuits for strips, and get it between two slices of Texas toast. The only problem is that Whataburger may not have the honey BBQ sauce you need to top it off. 

Via: Wide Open Eats