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It’s A Whatasized Homecoming Mum

September 6, 2018

The school year has started, football is in full swing, that means it’s homecoming season.

Here in Texas, we’re all about making our homecoming mums big, but in this case, Whatasized. Adrian Michael Alaniz has an event planning service in Sinton, Texas and as a side gig, he makes homecoming mums for high school students. 

Alaniz tells the Caller-Times that he makes every mum different and unique. "Every year I look forward to homecoming season and providing top quality work for my customers… I love for them to be unique and different so that it sets the student apart at a school where multiple students are showing their pride."

This year he made a Whataburger themed mum in the shape of Texas and has caught the eye of a few local news stations and even Whataburger headquarters. The mum was purchased by a Whataburger in Sinton and put it out on display for customers to see.  

It’s quite the extravagant mum, and the most Texas thing you’ll see all day. Check it out below.