Wallabies with Their Joey

Wallabies Seen Hopping Around Texas

May 5, 2018

There's something you don't see everyday in Texas.

We have a lot of different wildlife here in Texas, what we don't have are kangaroos. While driving down county 321, Kim Zapata saw what she thought was a kangaroo, hopping down the street and took video. Brazoria County Sheriff's tell KPRC news station that these are actually wallabies, a smaller species in the same family as kangaroo.

This isn't the first sighting of these wallabies either, Ben Mansfield of Sweeny says his wife saw two of them in their yard. "I was in there brushing my teeth, I came outside to find out what she was yelling about, and she told me the dogs were chasing a kangaroo around the yard. We don't have them around here."

According to sheriffs, a local resident who is licensed with the USDA to raise exotic animals, imported a male and female on Monday with the intention of breeding them. Later that same day the two wallabies escaped. Officials are telling the public, that if anyone sees these animals to call local authorities. 

Check out video taken by a local resident of one of the wallabies hopping around town.

Via: Fort Worth Star Telegram