[Video] Mariah Carey Uses Her Voice To Complete Viral Bottle Cap Challenge

Many Fans Reacted To The Video By Proclaiming Carey The Official Winner Of The Viral Challenge

July 7, 2019

Mariah Carey attempted the bottle cap challenge on Sunday, and the singer did not disappoint. While her attempt didn’t look like many other, Carey decided to use her greatest strength to complete the viral challenge; her voice.

The viral bottle cap challenge has been one of the more impressive internet challenges so far. Many great athletes and fit celebrities have tried the new challenge, and of course there are plenty of parody attempts, but nothing beats the brilliant attempt Mariah Carey gave. Dressed to impress, Carey threw in some martial arts moves before letting her voice do the work.

Fans quickly reacted to the video, with many exclaiming Carey has officially won the bottle cap challenge. While flying in the air and kicking a cap off a bottle is very impressive, knocking the cap off with nothing but your voice can’t be beat. Mariah Carey is the winner of the bottle cap challenge; everyone else is now going for second.

Via Mashable